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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 6, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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on wall street. it has been an up and down day, but finishing up. a lot of the haves saw layings is about the -- vasilation is on the fiscal cliff. what do you do specifically? apparently kavudo has the solution. here he is. >> closer to the cliff, these guys still acting like clowns. okay they won't save our country. i will. that's right. your super hero is back. i dazzle and you decide. welcome, everybody. it is if i don't have enough to do, reading a tele
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prompter, squeezing in some christmas shopping while at work and hunting down my last hickory farms deal on the best processed meats and cheeses is now thanks to these cliff constipated things. i guess i have to save the country myself. less than a month from a disas there could rock all citizens in this country here now is my plan for eastside to suck it up and save this country, to be super he rows. some might not look what i'm proposing, but i am not red or blue. i am just trying to look after our green and our cash and our future. just think of me as your concerned super hero trying to bring us back from the cliff. that is drawn to scale. super hero picks number one. stop going on vacation. another one week vacation? are you kidding me? did batman ever take a day off when gothem city was burning?
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i don't think so. get back to work. there is a country to save here. super hero fix number two, stop the press conferences. all of the press conferences. the more you talk, the more i want to rip my ears and eyes out. stop it. you sound childish and your finger-pointing looks as saw 9. have you ever seen superman or batman hold a press conference and say they were saving world? no. you know why? they were saving the world. super hero fix number three. republicans, this is not going to go down easy. just let the top rates go back to clinton era levels. i don't like it. you don't like it. but it beats the budget terry oops you are going through right now to raise the same amount of dough. limiting the writeoffs and opening the can of worms is not worth it. less hassle and less revenue
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overall. if you raise the rates now and save the big foit for a -- the big fight for a conflict. and quit saying entitlements are off the table. curbing the growth is not the same as throwing granny off the cliff. get off your high horse and talking points and get this. republicans just gave you revenues. return the offer. give them a spending road map. if they are going to raise the top rate close to 5% i say you slice the growth in entitlement spending by 2% now and more later. both parties agree to keep growth in all government spending. all of it to no more than 2% a year half the rate at which it is spiraling out of control. super hero fix six, slowly rage the eligibility from 65 to 67 exempting those who are 58 or older now to allow for this adjustment to be slowly
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worked in. nancy pelosi i call you dracula. super hero fix number seven, after you are done raising taxes on the rich, how about raising the overall tax base. encouraging a simple and fair tax code that gives all-americans a stake at the game and likely a greater interest in the game. i myself like a flat tax or a fair tax. just not this tax nest we have right now. i say set three different rates. as you go up the income ladder there are fewer writeoffs and more pro -- progressive. commit to doing all of this. sign in your own blood. you are out, you are fired on the spot. your word will be your bond. you don't honor it, your fan knee will be out the door. politicians, what i am telling you is stop acting -- start acting like a super hero.
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start thinking about the citizens of got them and -- gothem and america who counts on you. the red phone is ringing. >> i regret to say, sir, batman and robin are not at present available. >> what? surely you must be jesting. >> uh lass, sir, i am not. batman is enjoying one of his infrequent vacations. >> do you want to let america and the world down? that's not what super heros do. that's not what i'm going to do. i am putting my perm -- personal life aside to destroy your personal life. we have financial super hero and it looks like batman can't keep us from going off the edge the way these guys are going. what do you think? joy well, i think if we go off -- >> well, i think if we go off the cliff the businesses will do what they are doing now and that's sit on tons of cash at a time when they can be trying to expand or trying to take
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advantage of global growth in the economy. they are sitting on cash. they won't spend on property. businesses usually budget in october. they still president cay budget. they still can't budget. they will push this into some temporary extension which will mean businesses still can't budget. >> that will be a little more insulting. that is not very heroic. what i ask both sides to do now is just bridge the dog mat particular gaps. stop them altogether and get back to the key areas. elections of consequence will have to raise the top rate, so be it. but i am arguing that democrats get off their high horse about not even addressing entitlements. there has to be a give and take here. the american people have to sense the give and take and the american people have to sense that, and there is nothing remotely resembling that right now. >> here is the ironic thing. what if they get a deal?
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i don't think it is going to be a good deal. we will see a combination of tax hikes and end anding cuts. and spending cuts. both will take it out on the short run. they are not talking about anything that would promote growth. simsimplifying the tax code would promote growth. we are not doing anything. there is nothing in this plan to do that. sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. a deal will be better than no deal. sometimes when you fall off a cliff it is not the fall that kills you, it is the sudden stop. if they bring a deal that is too drastic of a stop it is not going to be good for the economy either. >> the bottom line is they are going through hoops to avoid what is core problematic for their respective party dna. the republicans don't want to raise rates. so they will go through all sorts of hoops to essentially get as much if not more revenue and effectively
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screwing the red chief and more. they don't wnt to address entitlement spending and even slowing the growth. it would be equated with throwing granny off the cliff. and there in lies the casm. we have to close it. >> we do have to close it. if you are looking at all of these programs, are they even going to reduce the deficit? if they have the combined affect of slowing down the economy, the deficit reduction doesn't take place. they have to be more pro active and they have to get aggressive. but none of these guys understand economics. you are talking about a bunch of lawyers. you are talking about a bunch of people that study political science. you don't have anybody in congress that understands economic and they are following poor economic history and applying the same medicine. >> i am only one man. i can't save the world. this super hero is looking at me. again drawing exactly to scale. this just in, an urgent bull
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law -- bulletin coming in. i am getting results as i speak. you don't think i could perform heroic feats? right this second news from the united states senate that they are moving right now. right now. let me quote -- okay it is not on the stuff i just talked about. apparently harry reid is trying to move heaven and earth for a waiver to allow food in the congressional auditorium. let may get this straight. let me get this straight. a special screening of steven spielberg's movie "lincoln" -- if i am reading it right harry wants to get the -- get by the hurdle of preventing food in the auditorium for the" lincoln" thing. it is movie night for politicians who have neither guts nor grace and just fire. incredible.
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>> yes, it all gets better and better on basic cable. talk about looney bins, the house is voting to strike the word lune lunetic. who is the lunetic who didn't vote? he is here. we book the lunetics. you saw it for what it was. what the heck were they trying to do here? >> well, why would we even need to do this? they said well we changed the word retarded. yes, i know some people found that offensive, but lunatic is a good word. my communications said ap and all of these others are wanting a statement.
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why did you cast the only no vote against this? i typed up a statement and said, look, not only should we not eliminate the word lunatic when the nation is on the brink of bankruptcy, we should use the word to apply to anybody who wants to do business as usual in washington. it is lunacy what we were doing. it is like you were talking about. we shouldn't be taking a break. i loved your flat tax. you said fair tax, flat tax, but there are some basic principals, and i love the points you laid out, neil. those are the things that we ought to be doing. >> i do what i can. congressman i am not there in the seat of power like you. i am a prompter reader. i become super when i put the costumes on. can we show that animation again? that's what i look like when i put it on. enough about me. back to what you are going to do to help me and advance this cause of settling and bridging this gap. i don't know what it is with you guys, but you just can't do it. what is the problem?
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>> it shouldn't be. every time we have leverage in the house we give it away. and you are right. the important issue here is the spending. we've got the debt ceiling. we've got even republican leaders saying maybe we ought to give our leverage and our constitutional control of spending to the president. confidently they say we take a beating every time we raise the debt ceiling. maybe we should quit voting and let the president do it. are you crazy? just because it is a tough vote doesn't mean you give away the leverage. that's what you use to bring down spending. >> i wonder if we use the word lunatic. obviously they can make very tough decisions regarding certain issues. >> it is absurd. these are basic prince talls. when i really grew to love you, neil, and i am not kidding, was back during tarp. all of those around us, you,
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say losing their head and you said you have to give the treasury secretary a billion or it is over. that's a socialist deal. the federal government buying private assets. and i was so depressed and i fought it and i was so emotional. >> i give my credit to you. >> on saturday morning you had the socialist candidate for president on your show. as i sat there depressed you said you guys were against tarp. they said well we realized after it passed that this is the greatest day for socialism. you did that. you brought back some encouragement some particularly you were getting it and spreading truth and lies. thank you for not being a lunatic. >> we are modest by nature. congressman thank you very much. we will continue pounding this. tonight at 8:00 on fox business network we have senator jim do meant. he is the tea party champion and calling it quits. find out why he is doing it.
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find out where he is going and what he really thinks about this pro tracted mess and why he thinks i am maybe the only hope in the country to save it. okay he doesn't think that, but i'm sure he does if i asked him. do any of you remember this rant? >> where am i going to be? where are moi neighbors going to be? we will not have a place called home. >> that guy wants answers from the president of the united states. did ed henry today get them?
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where are my nay -- neighbors going to be. you were the president. you have to get fema to react and put these trailers in areas and let people have places to live for the holiday. >> remember him? ed henry certainly did.
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it was he white house where he tried to get answers. ed some. >> it is interesting. as you know the president traveled both to new jersey and new york very quickly after hurricane sandy. and made clear that the federal government would stop at nothing to make sure that people like your guest yesterday would get as much help as they possibly could. i decided to ask jay carney whether or not they are satisfied with the response when there are areas in new york and new jersey without power. take a listen. >> people are still hurting. they are -- they still don't have electricity weeks later. so for all of the talk in washington, how is it that some people still have not been helped? >> i was pointing to the substantial and fast effort that the president over saw. in terms of the federal response to this terrible storm. i think that effort by fema and other agencies and by the department of defense and the unprecedented action that the military took to assist in
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this effort has been documented and talked about. >> is he satisfied with the federal response? >> he is focused on continued federal response. he knows our work is not done. it is not done anymore than the work in the space is done. i think the president is incredibly concerned about those who are still suffering the consequences of the storm. that's why he continues to have meetings on it regularly. that's why he continues to task his team to assist. >> worth noting that right after the storm the president at the time said one of the most important things to do was to make sure everyone could get power as quickly as possible so he could turn things around. obviously that has not happened. some of that local and state governments. an interesting other point is some of the governors tbr -- from the region were here at the white house. they are talking about requesting emergency spending
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of about $50 billion. now that is important to get the resources, but at a time when we are talking about the fiscal cliff, soaring deficits and whatnot i asked whether or not that will be paid for. they will come up with other budget offsets or the emergency money will go straight to the deficit. he said it was unclear. that probably means it will go to the deficit. as you know they are having a hard time right now finding other things to cut in terms of spending. so while there are people who need it, that's going to be another major issue moving forward. how the federal government will spend about $50 billion when right now we are pretty much broke, neil. >> incredible. they know it is a nonstarter. do they not care? >> it is probably going to end up, as you know, you have seen this before, folded into the rest of the negotiations. you are right. there will be p republicans objecting. some said we don't need budget offset. there are republicans saying yes we do. it will probably end up getting rolled into the broader fight over the fiscal cliff. it is unlikely they will get
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pay fors. >> ed henry, thank you very much. the super hero versus the dancer. we are both trying to save the nation's debt mess. does allen have me beat? ♪
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we could be on the verge of breaking a major log jam in the united states senate. you are looking at harry reid at issue. whether they will allow food in the cafeteria for a special screening of the movie "lincoln." and now our senior capitol hill producer. chad? >> this is interesting. initially there were report these were going to do this screening in the actual senate chamber. that requires a full dispensation of the senate. they don't typically allow the
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chamber to be used for anything else other than business. there was a big to do when they cleared the chamber to use it for a memorial service to the late robert bird. it was 50 years since they used it for something else. this will be in the congressional auditorium which is underground. we heard harry reid is seeking a waiver to allow food in the auditorium. particularly unbuttered popcorn and bottled water and snacks like junior mints or twizzlers or something like that. this is the same room where director of national intelligence briefed house members on libya yesterday. this is a real multipurpose facility. but it is equiped to and has theater-style seats and often used for big presentations. i don't ever remember a special screening like this. >> the new wrinkle here is among the snacks they would allow, unbuttered popcorn, movie snacks, did they say which movie snacks? >> no they were unspecific on that. >> well, every deal takes time to dot the i's and cross the
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t's. just a reminder that those watching at home never mind. the fiscal cliff is bearing down on us. they might settle 0* reece's pieces in the senate cafeteria for a special screening of lincoln. we will keep you posted on these developments. >> stop getting on youtube so you can see "gangnam style." and start using the precious social media skills to go out and sign people up on this baby. three people a week. let it grow. >> did you ever think this is what rome looked like in its final days? it is arguably the best fiscal video i have ever seen. the 81-year-old former debt commission co chair is shaking his money maker in hopes of getting young people engaged in the set issue.
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since it is teaming up with a group called the can kicks back. nick, were you the can? >> no, that was my colleague, ryan. he got the short stick on that one. >> i don't think so. i would have paid dearly for that spot. your point is what with this wake up young people to help with an issue. you guys really are going to get the bill. >> we know debt is not the sexiest issue for our generation, but it is the most important. that's why myself and a few other young people came together earlier this year. we teamed up with a campaign to fix the debt, to launch the can kicks back. we are sick of watching the can kicked down the road, and we are trying to pressure both parties to come together in an act of bold, balanced and bipartisan plan to deal with our nation's growing debt. >> any reaction? >> yes, i mean our video has been viewed over 55,000 times on youtube. we only launched a few weeks ago and our supporters have tripled. we think we certainly hit the
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right cord here in reaching young people. the point of the video is to say we are the most connected generation. we are using the social media tools every day. sometimes to do trivial things. why don't we use the same tools to organize with each other and kickback in washington? >> did allen simpson know what he was getting into? did you spell it out for him? >> we practiced a few times before we shot the video. he was very open to doing it which was a great surprise to us. and the video is a funny way to communicate a serious message. this issue is the most important facing our generation. we need both parties to become more serious about tackling it. if republicans are serious about keeping taxes low, then they will work with democrats to achieve a bargain because every dollar and debt we have now is nothing but a tax increase over the next generation. and if democrats are serious about protecting social insurance programs they will work with republicans for a grand bargain.
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social insurance programs are on a path toward insolve ven see. insolve ven see. >> bingo. that is brilliantly put. nick, thank you very much. speaking of the star of this ad, allen simpson. allen simpson will be here. we are heading to him. it is for a little version of dc's thunder dome. we can try to get some answers on this tau -- on this debacle. and yes i might dance. i might. meanwhile rage from the guys making the machines. the national association is out with a new survey is with a sharp decline with optimism. jake timmons is the group's ceo. is this stuff, whatever you want to call it affecting their mood?
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>> how do i follow that last segment? >> i don't think you will see that from me. i tell you who is not dancing very much today. it is manufacturers. you are right. 89% at the beginning of the year had a positive outlook on their business. that's fallen every quarter down to 52% today. tort 3% of manufacturers -- 53% of manufacturers have fallen back on manufacturers. that's grim news for an economy that really needs to have some stimulus. >> but what is doing that? is it the fear that, look, washington might be in this impasse for awhile, or i always want to know my boss or company or another company, what are they doing that would be so adversely or favorably impacted by what is going on in washington? where is the connection? >> well, i think the connection is just trying to figure out what washington is going to do. we have been talking about the fiscal cliff now for months.
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we had a budget melt down a year and a half ago when the debt ceiling debate came. we talked about many times the uncertainty that faces manufacturers. you can't make investment decisions on long-term capital expenses for that will be paid off over years if you don't know what the government is going to be taken from you from taxes or higher energy costs. manufacturers are really trying to figure out what is next? what is on the horizon. they need certainty and they need positive certainty that whatever happens on the fiscal cliff is not going to impact them in a very negative way. >> what if it is a bad deal though? we talked about one disproportionately skewed in higher taxes. sometimes i think and i could be out to lunch on this that a bad deal would be worse than a no deal. >> see, i tend to agree with you. when you talk about certainty there is also as you just
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pointed out bad certainty. you don't want to have that. and when some folks in washington are talking about raising individual tax rates, what they are really saying is we are going to raise tax rates on small businesses. two-thirds of manufacturers pay taxes at an individual tax rate. it doesn't make sense. if you want to grow the manufacturing sector it doesn't make sense to take money away. >> we are getting indications and it looks like they will have food in the senate cafeteria. more after this.
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all right, a spinning wheels alert for you. we are understanding in the senate now that i was wrong. it was not a matter of bringing food to the cafeteria and snacks to the senate cafeteria and being a cafeteria. that would imply that food is already there. my bad. what this would be is food in the congressional auditorium where they want a special screening of the movie "lincoln" and harry reid, the senate leader, has been pushing for a waiver that would allow unbuttered pot corn and -- popcorn and don't talk buttered popcorn and movie snacks. i am pushing for anything reece's. but enough about me. progress on the food front there. and that whole fiscal cliff thing notwithstanding, let us go to a -- another disjointed politician. new york mayor michael
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bloomburg who now says we have to get to the bottom of global warming. that's behind storms like sandy. well, news to eric schwartz who wants the mayor and other officials to get to the bottom of helping folks in staten island, he lost his home to hurricane sandy. you hear all of this, eric, and you wonder what planet politicians are on. do they know you are paying? do they hear your pain? >> they pretty much do what they want where the money is. they think about the big fish and not the little fish. >> what he is saying is sandy is representative of climate change and we have to do something about it. that might or might not be the case. i don't think it matters here. i do think it is getting folks like you and your colleagues colleagues and your neighbors back on your feet. >> that's the first and foremost need.
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he could worry about plans later on, obviously. in regards to climate change, in the 90s they did a study, actually and predicting hurricanes which are coming up this way around this time, and look what happened. he was unable to write homeowners insurance. >> what is stagnating right now? fema's administrative hands are tied. they give people paperwork saying if you want to get this done you have to fill this form out. >> it is all about appeals. they try to low ball you, and then you have to appeal and wait for the decision and then appeal again. it is very unorganized. >> a lot of people need money up front and they take what they can get. if they do that, they lose any chance -- >> exactly. once you see the check and you cash it, you are pretty much saying you are accepting the offer. >> and so the government wins and you lose. >> yes. >> we talked about the mutual
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friends on the local level of doing all he can. those tend to be the maury spawns sigh and the most successful. >> yes, i am working with them and without them everybody would be distraught. there is no fema out there and no red cross out there. red cross actually uh bonn doned. red cross actually abandoned. it is 24-hour food. we bring beverages. we have our 30 generat doing the can. we actually have a ball coming up, a rescue ball which is sold out. we are trying to help rebuild the community. >> and get the money to the community. eric schwartz, staten island survivor. he always has had a good attitude toward this. and something that makes you step back, stunning pictures released from nasa looking down on america at night including staten island.
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we get to see this thanks to the heros who saw it with their own eyes.
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smie if you have seen -- if you have seen this, that's us. it was captured from space. none of this would even be possible without the heros i just spoke with. as part of the special i am hosting on the 40th anniversary of the last moon walk. ahead of the show's debut this sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern time on fox newschannel at a time we are looking at patriots going to remarkable heights. the commander of a flight has the power to abort it, right? >> when you launch the commander -- >> liftoff, we have liftoff. >> something starts to go
1:44 pm
wrong and you are in air we had several modes of abort we could use. just a twist of a handle and we would abort. so we held his hand. we said, huh-uh, dave. you are not going to touch the abort handle. >> 15 seconds. >> we get out of the van and we are the only ones there. i look up and this thing is fully fueled, of course. it is gassing off and fuming and it is alive. >> sitting on top of this 365 feet of high explosive after waiting and got relaxed i actually dozed off a little bit. >> we are still a go. >> 60 seconds before launch the launch computer decided something was wrong and stopped the launch. so i just relaxed and went to sleep. you never know when you will
1:45 pm
need sleep in this business. >> the closer we got to liftoff the more excited i became. this was my chance. i trained three years and i am ready to go. then the engines lit off on the saturn. and then the big vehicle, the engines are moving at the bottom and producing 7.5 million pounds of thrust. as they move to control the trajectories, the vibration came up the stack. >> i couldn't read the dials anyway because of the heavy vibration. you can imagine driving your f-150 along a railroad track across the ties and at about 30 males an hour you will have -- 30 miles an hour you will have a feeling of the vibration. you wonder why you went through the simulations of launch aborts where you weren't able to read the gauges anyway. to be honest i got nervous. i didn't realize it was supposed to shake that hard. so for the next two minutes and 40 seconds we accelerated
1:46 pm
and just shook like crazy the whole way until the first stage shutdown. and then suddenly it cutoff. you went from 4.5g's to zero. >> i felt like i was being catapulted through the instrument panel and instinctively threw my hand out. and the second stage cut in and bango my hand went back into my helmet. i noticed a slash across the helmet. they will see the slash and i am going to catch some grief over this. well, when i finally collected all of the helmets from the others, each one had a slash across it. joy and then it starts in the second stage and it gets real smooth from then on. 30, 42nds later the boost protective cover goes and you can see out. >> you feel no sense of speed
1:47 pm
because there is no atmosphere and there is no sound. there is nothing going by the window very fast anyway. >> the only sense of movement is the earth is getting noticeably smaller over a period of an hour or two. joy it is one of the most -- >> it is one of the most incredible sights. you can see the deep blue of the atlantic ocean and it faded into the blue of the atmosphere that turned into white. it faded into the blackness of space. and all of that was in that little window. >> these guys were amazing. fox was granted unprecedented access to most of the surviving men who walked on the moon. incredible access. incredible stories. all guys who didn't know the meaning of cannot fear -- can not, fear, don't. i want you to jukes tau pose that in an age of pointing fingers on the right and the left. no we can't do this. no, this is beyond our grasp.
1:48 pm
i want you to see heros up front , in person, the way they were. i don't think it is necessarily true we can be great astronauts or heros. i think it is in our dna when you watch this special sunday at 9:00 p.m., one of the most enjoyable projects i have ever worked on, boy this is amazing, these guys are amazing. they make you think. we have it in our bones. we have it in our bones to be great. please watch. >> all right, in the meantime, not a horror movie. first responder training? you know what else is scary? how much it costs.
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is it a movie scene? this is first responder training. actors dressed up as zombies simulating what organizers say is a stressful combat situation. it was all part of a five-day summit on an island resort outside san diego. and taxpayers footed the $1,000 entrance fee for the first responders to attend. >> why don't we just do the next one with the martians coming. this is ridiculous. >> they say the next one the martians are coming. they did issue a quip statement and we will get to that in a minute. this is not worth the big deal. . >> $7.1 billion in this urban initiative thing. this is only a little piece of it. they went to this island resort and paid each first responder $1,000 for the
1:53 pm
entrance fee to look at this nonsense. 40 flesh-eating ghouls. come on, where are we going with this? how do they know how to stop the zombies? i don't know how to stop the zombies. next we will need the silver bullet for the wear wolf and what about the vampire? this is the most ridiculous thing. $7.1 billion. another initiative they have in the tough place up there in new hampshire, armored vehicles for music festivals. we need armored vehicles up there. whoa also need a submarine -- we also need a submarine in ohio. >> they say they appreciate some of the arguments brought by critics, but fund mentally disagree with the value on homeland security grants. blah, blah, blah. >> we are in new york city. we were, we are and we will be the target of attack. >> well maybe this will help. let's say zombies attack. >> zombies attack. what do you do when zombies attack. do you do head shot? >> in-laws come over. >> hit them in the head?
1:54 pm
if they don't fall, run like hell. the point is, this is ridiculous. that's why we have a $6 trillion deficit. we have a problem here, neil. we have to spend money accordingly. >> incredible. thanks, buddy. another thing that is incredible, remember i said i would be a super hero? i am not talking about the food and the notorious things. dramatic new developments. i mean big, real developments. ..
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♪ ♪ >> neil: you're welcome, america. i started the show trying to the fiscal cliff. guess what? indications i have, not solving this. rich edison with dramatic developments that address what i was talking about. he is here with sandra smith. rich? >> neil, the lines of communication are open. that is according to white house and republican aides.
1:58 pm
when asked if this is a significant development, a g.o.p. aide said we weren't saying that yesterday. speaker boehner and president obama spoke yesterday for the first time in a week. for the first time, we're actually getting some discussions. of course, this doesn't necessarily mean they will solve them tonight. but they are talking about it. >> neil: rich, if you could have played along with the theme. you mentioned they spoke yesterday. it argued we respond immediately to the top of my show, superhero proposals. >> the new lines of communication are now open because of the top of the show and the news came out during your show. >> neil: good answer. sandra, in all seriousness, now they have to bring what appear to be significant gap. time wasting. >> time is wasting. who shocks me is the market is floating higher despite at all. >> neil: what if we don't get a deal? >> the market want to deal because they want to move on.
1:59 pm
they don't like the urn certainty. the cliche, the markets that it uncertainty. we heard that about the election, too. stocks went nowhere for a while. even is in a wait and see mode. payment have done things to alter taxes. the business and the market community is worried. they're concerned. that is why we have seen folks take to the sidelines here? >> neil: rich, a bad deal is worse than no deal, especially if it's disproportionate with heavy tax increases. most people in the markets are bracing for higher taxes. i don't think they would like a deal. >> right. you hear the ceos come to washington. they don't have a message other than make sure you get a deal. you can imagine that turning on a time if you get some type of massive tax increases to hit the industry. especially as a portion of this. they want to overhaul the tax system next year. >> neil: do you think we


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